Friday, 5 February 2016

BalticSeaTreasures - open for business @Etsy #happy

As someone with no experience in sales whatsoever, trying to sell someone else's art is surely going to be a steep learning curve. But I intend to supplement my inexperience with inexhaustible supply of passion for promoting all talented and creative individuals out there. 

People should paid for what they love doing in life, so that they can buy themselves time to create more amazing things and contribute to the well-being of our lovely planet by generating long-term happy vibes! If you are on the same page with that message, and you like what you see, go ahead and have a browse on the shop :)

All these lovely pieces are made by one of my good friend's Mum all the way in Latvia who is now retired and has time to dedicate to her art. All made of authentic Baltic Sea stones which she has delicately put together in a true labor of love. Other materials include recycled bottles, wood and glass. Items also available to be made to order (please allow 1 month for completion).

Depending where in the UK you live, you may even be in store for a FREE, personal delivery service!

If you like what you see but it's not quite for you, please do like and share the shop on your social media networks - you will be doing your bit in promoting creative individuals and helping uncover all those sublime ideas currently locked away in their magnificent brain!

Thanks for reading!


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