Thursday, 13 August 2015

Project #ChallengeDefinitions - What is Creativity?

We often accept the widely established definitions of specific terms. But quite often such definitions are simply part of the 'canon' and little to do with our actual opinions. 

#ChallengeDefinitions is a project which aims to re-define commonly accepted definitions and terms, to encourage individuals to actively question what these definitions mean to them on a personal level.

This month, we are re-defining the term 'Creativity'.

My own definition of the term is: 

'Creativity is the ability to switch your mind from negative to positive thinking, when faced with a problem; shifting the focus from the problem to the seemingly empty space where a solution lies.' 

(I think that people often perceive creativity as something that's only available for individuals with artistic skills or talents, forgetting that, in essence, creativity need not be related to art - every human being, in any context, has the capacity to be creative.)

This is the response I received from others, when I asked for their definition of 'creativity'. What does it mean to you? Join the conversation - tweet your definition of 'Creativity' using #ChallengeDefinitions

RODRIGO JANSONS (28): Music Blogger - Riga, Latvia

NINA MacPHERSON: Retired Teacher/Writer - Bath, UK

VIKKI KNOWLES (24): Freelance Writer - Bristol, UK 

RAKI BROWN (36): Enterpreneur - London, UK

SCOTT GRIERSON (26): Screenwriter and Story Analyst with Universal Pictures - London, UK

In response to Scott, I would argue that yes, creativity can be a negative thing, depending on what it is used for. 

Using Scott's example: 'Someone created a printer which can print 3D objects. Amazing! They chose to print a gun. Not so amazing after all.'

In my own words - although two completely different things, both a painting of a flower and a blueprint for a concentration camp require a degree of creativity. I suppose the Universe does not judge - it responds to our creative impulses, and the responsibility for the result of our creations rests solely upon ourselves.

What do you think? Post your comments here or tweet them using #ChallengeDefinitions


  1. I have to add that Cloudberry Mornings isn't just about the music and emotional background. Frankly, there's so much behind this verbiage. Also I'm writing so it's broadens my mind and thinking levels richer, ways of expression goes beyond the comprehension, also I do the digital artworks and other stuff I sometimes put together with music I post. Yet, Cloudberry Mornings is all about geographic location (cloudberries and arctic-boreal forest region where's Latvia as well) and mornings as messenger of my deep crush on lights, clouds, haze and secrets, etc.

    1. Id est, inspiration equals creativity.