Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bath Opera Challenge

This year I'm setting myself a challenge to try things I've never done before but always wanted to try out. 

The first on the list is 'joining an opera show'. 

I am absolutely terrified of the upcoming performances - three shows at the end of February, and am under no illusion as to how much work this will involve. 

But at the same time the rehearsals have been such a fun experience so far that I am secretly looking forward to it...

If you would like to witness the end product of this challenge, the performance of 'The Street Scene', the performances will take place in Wroughton Theatre on 20th 21st and 22nd February 2014. Tickets available from Bath Opera Ticket Hotline on 01935 475219, or online via the Bath Festivals Box Office.

Or if you'd like to help me along the challenge - you're welcome to join an Open Rehearsal FREE FOR ALL on Saturday, 1st of Feb from 10-1 at Saint Within's Church, Bath (the one by Waitrose) :)


Street Scene is a gritty portrayal of life in the cultural melting pot of thirties New York as the inhabitants of the street struggle to make their dreams come true. Just as in life, often it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad... but in the hands of Kurt Weill, (best known for The Threepenny Opera), Street Scene weaves all together into a kaleidoscope of colour, emotion and music.

With Jazzy upbeat numbers, big ensemble pieces, cheeky kids’ chorus and soulful laments, all aspects of life are brilliantly depicted.

Should Street Scene be described as an opera or a musical ? Like those other American cultural icons, Porgy and Bess or West Side Story, we think it’s a fusion of the two, but there is only one way for you to be sure... take this rare opportunity to come and see this fully staged production with full orchestra for yourself.

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