Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Seventeen book trailer - WATCH HERE!

It took several days of filming and even more days of editing with my classmate Dylan Spicer (some might say he's a creative writing and film guru... ;)  and a lot of home-made sandwiches since the starting budget for the project was £0. But we used other means to gain the authentic feeling of Jonathan walking around Reading - such as Dylan slipping and falling into mud, of course, purely in the name of art.

What else?

Oh, yes.

A MA-HOO-SIVE thanks to Marie Ortega, Timothy Bradshaw, Paul Simon Mason and Robin Hardin for allowing me to roam free with their Facebook accounts for a few days, turning them into characters from my novel.

My personal favorite - a friendly interaction between the main character Jonathan and Mike.

A big thanks also to my housemate Vikki Knowles for being Emily, and to Language, a former band from Bath Spa University whose Build a Boat was just perfect for the mood of my novel, and especially this video. Sadly, they are not together anymore, but their songs are still great and running here: https://myspace.com/languagemusicuk/music/songs

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