Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Burning of Last Year's Grass - longlisted

Dear Writer,

Thank you for entering The Bath Short Story Award 2013.

Our judges have selected a longlist of 46 stories from the 1,149 entered.

...was the first thing I read this morning. Not very promising, I thought but checked the BSSA website with trembling fingers. All the stories I had entered until now to numerous awards didn't speak in my favour. They usually followed the same routine - write a story, give it to someone to read and give feedback, spend another week or so making changes, and finally send it off with a heavy heart only to never hear back anything about it again. 

But all those times have been worth it because there it is, on the list, there it is! 

The shortlist will be announced on 8th of May and winners after that on 8th of June at

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